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Farm stay
During a farm stay experience, connect with local farmers by helping out around the farm, learning how to cook local dishes, and even gather mountain vegetables for cooking! Why not try having a fun farm experience for yourself?
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Outdoor Activities
Get a fulfilling experience of Tohoku's countryside and natural beauty through our outdoor activities, such as canoeing, lake bathing, mountain hiking, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, biking, camping, and even more!
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Learn the Local History and Culture
Formerly a castle town, Kakunodate still has samurai houses you can stroll around, Shinto shrines to visit, and musical plays you can watch.
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Prepare Traditional Dishes
Learn how to make Akita's famous Kiritampo, rice cakes, and soba made with flour locally made in Semboku!
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Make Traditional Handicrafts
Learn how to make Akita's traditional handicrafts: Kabazaiku and Itazaiku. Also, participate in making mini lanterns or mini kites!
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