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Akita Semboku Green Tourism
Semboku City is home to not only Japan's biggest lake, Lake Tazawa, but it is filled with many attractions, such as famous hot springs and samurai residences. Also, with two Shinkansen train stations access to Tokyo is easy, meaning that lots of tourists come during the peak of every season. Fortunately, Semboku has several places available for overnight stays that also feature outdoor activities, with farm inns, pensionnes, and lodges of all different kinds. The best part is that guests can get to know the owners directly. Everyone in Semboku is openly awaiting new travelers to come by.
By JR Akita Shinkansen
Tokyo - Tazawako
Tokyo - Kakunodate
3h 15min
Sendai - Tazawako
1h 15min
Sendai - Kakunodate
1h 30min
By Air
Haneda(Tokyo) - Akita
1h 5min
Kansai(Osaka) - Akita
1h 40min
Chubu(Nagoya) - Akita
1h 20min
Shinchitose(Sapporo) - Akita
Access from Akita Airport
▼Akita Airportliner【Reservations required.】
It takes 1 hour by by Akita Airportliner
(Shared taxi)
Please refer to this website for more information.
By Car (Via Tohoku Expressway)
Akita Airport - Tazawako
Sendai Airport - Tazawako
Narita Airport - Tazawako
Haneda Airport - Tazawako
7h 15min
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